Types of Kratom

There are several different “strains” of kratom all varying in strength and effects. The different types of kratom are baliThaiBorneoMaeng Da KratomIndo, and more. Bali and Borneo tend to be the cheapest and I take it these strains are less potent. Thai kratom and maeng da kratom are reasonably priced and have more potency. I personally have bought alot of Thai kratom its not to expensive and has nice effects.

Kratom strains are often split into three different categories based on the color of the stem and veins in their leaves. The three colors are red, green and white, and they signify different alkaloid levels in the three different colors. Although many of the stem and vein color types may be similar, they may also very due to the area where they are grown, as described in the paragraph above.

Yellow vein kratom is fairly new and a bit mysterious on how it is actually created. Many producers are not keen on revealing their secrets on how they produce yellow vein kratom. Some speculate that yellow vein kratom leaves are picked later than the others, which causes the yellow color. Others state that yellow vein kratom is only a mix of other strains. And, some claim that yellow vein goes through a fermentation process after the leaves are picked. Like many factors in the kratom world, we may never know the 100% truth behind yellow vein strains.