Kratom Dosage

How much kratom should I take?

kratom scale

This is a very wise question and every new user should have a general idea about how much kratom to ingest. How much you should ingest depends on a couple different factors. For one it matters what strength kratom you have. Kratom extracts are stronger then kratom powder and kratom powder is stronger then crushed Leaf. Also the different strains of kratom tend to vary in potency. Generally for your crushed leaf 3-5 grams would give you a mild experience, 6-8 grams would give you a medium experience and 9-15 grams would produce a stronger experience. For your kratom powders 1-2 grams would be mild, 3-5 grams would be medium and 6-8 grams would be a strong experience. For the extracts 1 gram would be mild 2-3 medium and 3-5 strong.

You always want to be on the safe side when dosing for the first time. Start with a lower dose to see how you react then you can work your way up if you desire. There have been no known cases of over dosing on kratom but that doesn't mean you cant over due it. Kratom can only produce a certain level of euphoria before taken too much just gets you sick. Taken too much kratom is not a fun experience. You feel really bad, nauseous, and you probably will throw up.

How to use kratom?

How you choose to ingest kratom is totally your choice. Kratom smells allot like black tea but believe me it doesn't taste like it. You can eat it or you can make kratom tea. I would suggest making a tea from crushed leaf and I would recommend eating the kratom powder and extracts. When I say eat it I don't mean eat it raw. You must simply get it into your stomach any way possible. The best way to do this, without having to taste the kratom, is to usecapsules. Otherwise Its ok to mix the powder or extract into food or drink of your choice. Orange juice is a good suggestion. I have also heard of people mixing it with apple sauce. The more kratom you use the stronger the taste is gonna be.

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